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Hotel Lisboa Plaza Lisbon

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Hotel Lisboa Plaza is a delightful and comfortable Boutique hotel located in the historic centre of Lisbon, near all the important attractions.
The hotel is conveniently located near the Avenida da Liberdade, where so many restaurants, cafes and shopping is found. The hotel is very well known in Lisbon. It is a family owned and run all the back to the time that it was built. The surroundings are causal and easy going, making it a comfortable place to spend a vacation in Lisbon.

The hotel has been around since the beginning of the 1950's. The architect had in mind a very modern atmosphere and simplistic surroundings to offer a comfortable and practical feel. Guests that come to stay are immediately aware of this laid back feel the hotel offers.
The family run hotel offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that guests surely enjoy while they visit this exciting city.

The very well known Portuguese designer Graça Viterbo is the interior designer responsible for the tasteful furnishings and décor inside the hotel. There is ongoing change and updates occurring in the hotel to offer the most modern services and amenities to the guests. There is special attention paid to detail and service, making it a very welcoming facility.

The hotel offers a sober, clean-looking façade with and international feel ad flare, and the inside of the hotel is practical and welcoming. The architect wanted a functional atmosphere that offers contemporary "innovative solutions that foster wellbeing".
The Plaza offers a perfect solution to modern requirements. The traditional feel of the hotel and the combination of the contemporary amenities and details makes it a perfect vacation destination for families, business travellers or vacationers. There are many amenities and services offered by the hotel to make your trip comfortable.The Plaza is a hotel with personality and style, where tradition and heritage play a big role it its way of functioning.

The hotel is located right next to the Art Deco entrance to the Park that saw its beginning way back when. (and where the neon lights will soon be shining once again). The Lisbon Plaza Hotel is an important part of the city's tradition and will continue to be a welcoming place for travellers.


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